Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to make a reservation for the Whistler Shuttle?

Yes! Reservations for the Whistler Shuttler are recommended AT LEAST 72 hours in advance!

We can usually find a spot for you inside of 72 hours, but please note that we can’t provide the maximum wait guarantee for any bookings inside of 72 hours.

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How Do I Make a Reservation?

  • You can Book Online.
  • You can give us a call at +1-866-923-0516 (toll free in North America) or +1-604-966-2041.
  • Send us an email at

What kind of vehicles do you run?

Winter Vehicles
The shuttle operates on a combination of late model charter vans, mini-buses, and highway coaches in order to achieve maximum schedule flexibility. We won’t guarantee what type of vehicle you’ll be in, but we can guarantee that you’ll ride to and from Whistler in comfort!

Summer Vehicles
We operate a fleet of Dodge Sprinter vans.

I really want to ride in a van/mini-bus/bus. If I book can you guarantee the type of vehicle that I will ride in?


  • Due to the nature of the shuttle service we are unable to make any guarantees regarding the type of vehicle that you will be traveling in.
  • If you want to be in a highway coach, we recommend booking the Vancouver to Whistler Bus.
  • If you want to be in a van (so that you can have seatbelts for child seats?) then we recommend booking a charter van.


  • Vehicles are either Mercedes Sprinter vans with full seatbelts or mini busses with lap belts.

Can you get me from Whistler to Vancouver International Airport (YVR) in time for my early morning flight?


  • You’ll be fine as long as your flight leaves at 0700 (7 am) or later. But it’ll be a really early morning for you!


  • The first departure from Whistler arrives at Vancouver Airport at around 07:30.  Most airlines require you to be at the airport 1 hour before domestic flights (to Canadian destinations), and 2 hours before international flights.

Do you pickup and drop-off at private addresses in Whistler?

We pickup and drop-off at all major hotels and condos in Whistler. If you need to go to a private address, or somewhere not listed in our pickup/dropoff locations, you may select that option during the booking process for an additional charge.

How long is the drive from Vancouver International Airport to Whistler?

The drive is approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes long under normal traffic and weather conditions. However, the trip can be longer if its snowing, if you’re traveling through Vancouver during rush hour, or on the weekends. You can minimize your travel time by scheduling your flight arrival/departure times with these factors in mind.

My flight arrives at xx:xx am/pm. What time will my shuttle leave the airport?


  • The Short Answer – Not long after you emerge from customs (international flights) or the baggage claim area (domestic flights)
  • The Longer Answer – Shuttles leave the airport frequently (at *LEAST* once an hour until 20:00) and you’ll be on the next one.
  • We know that you’re coming and are actively adjusting the schedule throughout the day to ensure a short wait for you at the airport!
  • The Shuttle doesn’t operate on a rigid schedule which allows us to be flexible and adapt “on the fly” to flight cancellations, missed connection, flight delays, etc.

What is the deal with car seats for children?

If you are traveling in a vehicle with seat belts then car seats are required by law and we will do our best to provide them. However, car seats are not available in mini-buses and buses that do not have seat belts. Due to the nature of our service we can’t guarantee the type of vehicle that you will be riding in. Most of our clients travelling with young children choose a private transfer in order to guarantee riding in a vehicle that can accomodate car seats.

What is the shuttle schedule from Vancouver Airport to Whistler?

  • The thing that makes the shuttle great is that *it doesn’t have a rigid daily schedule*!
  • Unlike a scheduled bus service, the shuttle schedule is set daily and then adjusted throughout the day based on the needs of our inbound and outbound guests.
  • Why is this great? Unlike a scheduled service, the shuttle can adjust easily to flight delays, missed connections, and flight cancellations.
  • We know that it sounds a bit confusing, but it works very well in practice! The end result is less waiting around at the airport and more time at Whistler. And isn’t that what its all about?

When should I leave Whistler if I want to make my flight at Vancouver International Airport?

All of our partners recommend a minimum of 5 hours in order to allow for traffic congestion and to ensure that you arrive at the check-in counter in time for your flight. Travel time between Whistler and Vancouver is highly variable based on weather, traffic, and construction delays.

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