Getting to Whistler From Vancouver Airport

The driving distance from Vancouver International Airport (YVR) to Whistler is approximately 136 kms (84.5 miles). The normal driving time from the airport to Whistler is approximately 2.5 hours.

The fastest route to Whistler normally takes us from the airport, north on Granville Street, across the Granville street bridge, through downtown, through Stanley Park, across the Lions Gate bridge, and then onto the Sea-to-Sky highway.

Getting to Whistler From Vancouver

The driving distance from downtown Vancouver to Whistler is 121 kilometers (75 miles) and the normal driving time is approximately 2 hours. The fastest route typically takes drivers through Stanley Park, across the Lions Gate Bridge, and then onto the Sea-to-Sky Highway. However, there is an alternate route over the Steelworkers Memorial Bridge which can be taken to avoid traffic on the Lions Gate Bridge.

As Vancouver is a coastal city, drivers may not be used to driving in snowy conditions. If it snows during the trip, it can take much longer to reach Whistler and drivers should exercise caution and drive safely. 

Driving in Vancouver

Traffic congestion in Vancouver can be an issue depending on the time of day and circumstances beyond our control: rush hour traffic, bridge delays, weather, construction zones, incidents, political protests, etc. Long delays are uncommon, but expect a longer drive if leaving the airport during rush hour.

The Sea-to-Sky Highway

The Sea-to-Sky highway (#99) from Vancouver to Whistler is a beautiful drive along the ocean and through the mountains. Unfortunately, it is also really the only road to Whistler. This can cause delays in the case of snow, heavy rain, construction, incidents, etc. Long delays are not common, but they do happen occasionally.