What Airport is Closest to Whistler Blackcomb?

What airport do you fly into for Whistler?

There is no Whistler Airport. If you’re coming to Whistler, you’ll almost certainly fly into Vancouver International Airport (YVR). It’s the closest international airport and is a hub that serves over 45 airlines and has nonstop flights to over 110 destinations worldwide. YVR is only a short drive from downtown Vancouver and about two and a half hours from Whistler on a scenic road. It’s got a ton of options for the last leg of your journey to Whistler, from affordable to expensive.

Can you fly directly into Whistler?

Is there a Whistler Airport?

Whistler, BC has a nearby airport called the Pemberton Regional Airport. However, it is a small airport that mainly serves general aviation traffic and does not have scheduled passenger service. If you are looking to fly to Whistler, the vast majority of people fly to Vancouver International Airport, which is located about 2.5 hours south of Whistler. Other airport options include the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA), Bellingham Airport (BLI), and Abbotsford Airport (YXX).

The nearest major airport to Whistler?

Vancouver International Airport (YVR)

Vancouver Airport is the closes airport to Whistler that accepts international flights. It takes about 2 and a half hours to get from the Vancouver International Airport (YVR) to Whistler by car. You’ll take the “Sea to Sky Highway” (Highway 99 North) through Vancouver to get there, which offers breathtaking views of Howe Sound and the Coast Mountains as you drive from Horseshoe Bay to Whistler.

How to get to Whistler from Vancouver Airport?

We’re a bit biased, but we think that the best option for you Whistler vacation is the Whistler Shuttle. A private Whistler transfer is a great option if you’re looking for something private, something luxurious, you’re travelling with a larger group, or you need to travel in the middle of the night.

Abbotsford Airport (YXX) – The other Canadian option

If you’re visiting Whistler and you’re coming from a place with direct flights to Abbotsford International Airport (YXX), it might be more convenient for you to fly into YXX. If the flight times work, it could be a good option if you’re coming from eastern parts of Canada or the US. It might also be a better choice if you want to save money on your flight or if you prefer smaller airports with fewer people.

The Nearest Airports to Whistler in the U.S.?

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

The closest large airport in the United States to Whistler is Seattle-Tacoma International, also known as Sea-Tac. It is located about 3 hours south of Whistler. There are a number of airlines that offer flights to Sea-Tac from a variety of cities around the United States, making it an option if you are planning to visit Whistler.

Bellingham International Airport (BLI)?

Bellingham Airport is a public airport located in Washington state, about 90 miles south of Whistler, British Columbia. It’s the third busiest airport in Washington and serves the Bellingham area and the Fraser Valley region of BC. Several major airlines and discount carriers fly into BLI, including Alaska Airlines, Allegiant, American Airlines, Delta, and Southwest, and they offer flights to lots of different places in the US.

Getting to Whistler from Seattle or Bellingham

You have a few options:

  1. Rent a car and drive. This is really only an option in the summer as most rental cars don’t have winter tires. If you’re coming in the winter, you’re probably better to leave the driving to the professionals.
  2. Take the Quick Shuttle bus from Seattle Airport to Vancouver or Bellingham Airport to Vancouver. Once you get to downtown Vancouver, you have many bus and shuttle options. We recommend the Whistler Shuttle from downtown Vancouver to Whistler.
  3. Book a private charter from Seattle to Whistler or Bellingham to Whistler. This is a great option if you’re looking for a luxurious trip or travelling with a group.

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