Vancouver Airport To Whistler Schedule

Looking For a Published Whistler Shuttle Schedule?

Sorry! We can’t post a schedule because it changes every day. We do a custom schedule every day so that you can get to Whistler faster.

  • A New Whistler Shuttle Schedule Every Day! We customize the Vancouver Airport departure schedule daily based on the flight schedules of our arriving and departing guests.  We GUARANTEE that you’ll be on your way quickly or your trip is FREE!
  • We Monitor & Adjust To Your Flight – During the day we monitor all inbound flights and then tweak the schedule, adding vehicles, and modifying departure times to compensate for flight delays and cancellations.
  • Vehicles Leave Regularly – Vehicles leave from Vancouver Airport between the hours of 08:30 AM and 11:00 PM (Winter until April 17) and 08:00 AM and 08:00 PM (April 18 – November 27).
  • Comfortable Vehicles – You will be whisked off to Whistler in a late model highway bus (coach), mini bus, or van, depending on the time of day and current volume of arriving and departing guests.
  • You Get to Whistler Quickly & Comfortably! Reservations are required so Book Now to Reserve Your Spot!

Whistler Shuttle Advantages

  • Less Waiting At The Airport – Published Whistler bus schedules are limiting. Not having a published bus schedule means that you get away from the airport more quickly.
  • Peace of Mind – There is no need to worry about cancelled or delayed flights. We adjust to you, and if your flight arrives after our last departure, then we’ll get you going first thing in the morning.
  • We’re Here To Help! – We have extended office hours 7 days a week, and we’re available by phone, email, live web chat, Twitter, and Facebook.  Have a question? We’ll answer it.  Have a problem?  We’ll help fix it.

How It Works…

  1. You Reserve Your Seats – We require advance reservations so that we know that you are coming.
  2. We Monitor Your Flight – We know what flight your are on and when our others guests are arriving throughout the day.  Every day we generate a tentative schedule that is based around our guests.
  3. We Adjust to Delays & Cancellations – Our airport reps are “agile”.  They adjust the schedule throughout the day, and will add additional vehicles if necessary to minimize wait times at the airport.
  4. You Get to Whistler FAST!

“Wonderful trip to whistler, had a beautiful drive up the highway. Driver was amazing and so helpful. Told us all about the areas we drove through. Will be recommending to all and be a return customer. Thank you to the driver and Whistler Shuttle for everything.”
Ann D, Recent Guest

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